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Born in the year 1938 in a middle class family Suresh Khare’s father was a school teacher. His mother was not just educated but also a voracious reader. The general attitude of his parents was progressive. His father was a fan of Bal Gandharva and loved Marathi musical plays. Perhaps that could have been the reason why SK was attracted towards the ‘Theatre’ since his childhood.

Surprisingly, his first role in a play was a female role in ‘Satteche Gulam’ written by Mama Varerkar. SK was all of 10 then. In his school days his teacher Shri M.A. Joshi appreciated his talents and encouraged him. During his college days he started participating in inter-collegiate drama competitions. This is where he met Kamlakar Sarang and was introduced to Nanadkumar Raote, a talented director. This was a turning point in his life.

After completing his education, BCom, BA and LLB, he took up a job with an Insurance Company but continued his hobby of acting. He joined the Amateur Theatre group ‘Lalit Kala Sadhana’. He was happy with minor side roles in plays produced by this group but harboured the hope that some day or the other he would get a break and a big role. He wanted to be an 'Actor'. That was his dream. However, that was not to be.

In the meantime, Baban Prabhu, in whose play SK had acted, accidentally came across a story written by SK in a dialogue form which he broadcast as a Radio play. SK then started writing Radio plays. In the year 1966 Lalit Kala Sadhana decided to participate in the State Drama Competition with a new play. However, no established author was ready to give them a new play. Therefore, Nandkumar Raote asked SK if he could write a play. Thus SK’s first play ‘Sagar Mazha Pran’ was staged in 1966. This was followed by ‘Swara Julata Geet Tute’ in 1967 and ‘Kachecha Chandra’ in 1969 which was highly appreciated by the audience and the critics alike. SK then decided to concentrate only on writing and today there are 29 plays to his credit. Some of his plays have been adapted and staged in other languages viz. Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Sindhi and English.

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