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SK took his first steps on stage as an actor in his school days. His ambition was to be an actor. In his youth he started acting in plays produced by Lalit Kala Sadhana, a group of amateur artists. In the year 1966 he wrote his first play 'Sagar Mazha Pran' followed by 'Kachecha Chandra' in 1968. After that he decided to concentrate on writing and kept himself away from acting until he produced and directed his stage show 'Mishkili'.
Play Author Role
1) Vahini M.G Rangnekar Vishnupant
2) Jag Kay Mhanel? P.K. Atre Prakash
3) Manoos Navache Bet Vijay Tendulkar Vasant
4) Shreemant Vijay Tendulkar Doctor
5) Udand Jhale Panee Ranganath Kulkarni Gopal
6) Maakad Aani Pachar Baban Prabhu Inspector
7) Sagar Mazha Pran Suresh Khare Raghu
8) Khel Do Jeevancha Ratnakar Matkari
9) Mala Uttar Havay Suresh Khare Chandrakant
10) Sakhee Shejarinee Suresh Khare Doctor
11) Asuni Nath Mee Anath Suresh Khare Raju/Anna
12) Shatataraka Suresh Khare Hiralal
13) Hach Mulacha Baap B.V. Varerkar Usha
14) Dhai Aakhar Premka Vasant Kanetkar Bajirao
15) Padosan Dekh Padosan Suresh Khare Doctor
16) Ameer Vijay Tendulkar Doctor
17) Deedi P.L. Deshpande Pratap
18) Kathputli Suresh Khare Anna
19) Eka Gharat Hotee Suresh Khare Ashok
20) Mishkili Suresh Khare Madhav
21) Ashee Mansa Suresh Khare Lekhak
22) Yala Mhanaycha Tari Kay? Suresh Khare Madhav
23) Goshta Doghanchi Suresh Khare Pati

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